Parents barge into school after it receives bomb threat in northern India

Parents barge into school after it receives bomb threat in northern India

The parents of children studying at the Pacific School in Greater Noida, in northern India’s Delhi after the school received a bomb threat.

This happened in the Greater Noida West region on May 1.

Visuals showed chaos descend in the area as the partners tried to enter the school. They gathered in a large number and wanted to enter the school forcefully in order to reach their wards and potentially take them away. A man was seen asking the parents to not do such a thing which would throw the students into panic.
The group of parents, despite resistance, were able to barge into the school through a narrow space and were tackled by the security officials. The security guards and other people were seen pushing them away and a scuffle also broke out between these two parties. According to a report, more than 80 schools in the Delhi-NCR region received bomb threats.

The cops instantly got to work and an investigation revealed that the mail was sent from a server in Russia and they are now working towards tracing down the IP address, which is tough since the sender might have jolly well used a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask his own IP address, the report adds. The Directorate of Education of Delhi Government issued a statement which said that this was a hoax and no explosive devices were found or suspicious activity seen in any of these schools. The Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad Police are investigating this matter further.

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