Persistent fire at landfill causes health concerns for residents of northern India

Persistent fire at landfill causes health concerns for residents of northern India

In the wake of a major fire that broke out at a landfill site in northern India’s Delhi, residents in the vicinity continue to grapple with health issues arising from the persistent blaze.

The incident took place at Landfill in Gazipur area on April 21.

Visuals showed a landfill site ablaze, engulfed in thick smoke, obscuring everything in sight. Flames rage amid piles of refuse, casting an eerie glow.

The blaze, which ignited on Sunday evening, has shrouded the surrounding areas in thick smoke, exacerbating respiratory problems for residents. Many individuals residing near the landfill have reported experiencing breathing difficulties, eye irritation, and throat discomfort due to the engulfing fire.

Expressing frustration over the recurring issue, a long-time resident lamented, “We have been facing this problem since the 1990s. We are dealing with diabetes, BP, thyroid, and irritation in the eyes. Even small children are suffering due to it. We are not able to go out. No one is paying attention to our problems, be it the Delhi government or the central government.”

Another resident highlighted the visibility challenges posed by the smoke, emphasizing the urgent need for a solution. “I was not able to breathe properly. I was having irritation in my eyes. As the temperature increases, fires will continue to occur. The government is not resolving this issue,” they remarked.

Schoolchildren in the area have also been adversely affected by the environmental hazard, with one student remarking, “We were having irritation in the throat, and we were coughing due to smoke. This fire caused pollution. Everyone is suffering from this.”

Political parties have seized upon the situation to criticize the Delhi government, with the BJP accusing it of failing to fulfill its promise to clear the landfill site by December 31 of the previous year. Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor highlighted the inconvenience caused to residents and businesses due to the smoke engulfing the area.

In response to the crisis, AAP MP Sanjay Singh assured that municipal authorities are actively engaged in addressing the situation. “All the MCD officials are working on it. The Fire Department has also been working. The fire will be brought under control soon,” he stated.

Notably, this is not the first instance of a fire at the Ghazipur landfill site, with three previous incidents reported in 2022 alone. The persistence of such occurrences underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to mitigate the environmental and health hazards posed by the landfill.


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