Police constables rescue unidentified person in southern India

Police constables rescue unidentified person in southern India

Police constables in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh showed exemplary dedication as they rescued an unidentified individual stucked in mud providing crucial assistance and reuniting him with his family.

The incident took place near Tummala Palem Village in Ibrahimpatnam area of NTR district on June 14.

Visuals showed underneath a tunnel, amidst the mud, a police team was seen rescuing a man stuck. They carefully lifted him up and took him to a spot beneath a hand pump, where they could clean him off. The scene was a testament to their dedication and prompt action in aiding someone in need.

In a heartwarming display of diligence and compassion, police constables stationed in Ibrahimpatnam came to the aid of an unidentified person in need. The incident unfolded near Tummala Palem village, where the individual was found lying unattended in mud.

Constables on routine patrol duty, noticed the person and immediately took action. Despite initial uncertainty about the person’s identity, the officers swiftly provided assistance, ensuring his safety and well-being. They cleaned him up and took him to safety.

Upon further investigation and with the help of local residents, the constables were able to identify the individual and subsequently reunited him with his grateful family members.

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