Police crackdown on noisy motorcycle silencers in southern India

Police crackdown on noisy motorcycle silencers in southern India

In a significant crackdown on noise pollution, traffic ACP Satyanarayana of the Warangal Commissionerate of southern India’s Telangana has announced that two-wheeler riders who modify their motorcycle silencers to produce louder noises will face criminal charges.

The incident took place in Warangal on May 22.

Visuals showed how at the CPO junction, over 261 of these high-noise silencers were taken out from the bikes and destroyed by a road roller.

This included 73 silencers from Hanumakonda, 88 from Kazipet, and 100 from Warangal.

The traffic police, led by Commissioner Amber Kishore Jha, conducted a special operation to enforce this directive, targeting motorcycles with high-noise silencers. During inspections in the Tri-City area, authorities identified and confiscated these illegal modifications.

This action underscores the commitment of the Warangal police to uphold government regulations and reduce noise pollution in the city. Motorists caught with modified silencers will now face legal consequences for their actions.

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