Police evacuates civilians after gruesome terrorist attack in northern India

Police evacuates civilians after gruesome terrorist attack in northern India

Police personnels evacuate civilians after a horrendous terrorist attack in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

The rescue took place in Kootah Village of Hiranagar in Kathua district on June 11.

Visuals showed the civilians being evacuated from the location in an ambulance. They can be seen narrating their experience about the tragic attack that they had witnessed. Upon being evacuated, they could be seen to have a feeling of relief from the scene of attack.

According to the reports, one civilian had lost their life in the attack while one terrorist had been neutralised.

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Jammu, Anand Jain narrated the attack saying, “two terrorists, who appeared to have freshly infiltrated, surfaced in Saida Sukhal near Koota Morh of the Police Station Hira Nagar in the late evening of June 11. They asked for water from a few houses to which villagers grew suspicious and slammed the doors on them and a few raised hue and cry. The terrorists panicked and fired randomly in the air, and also at one odd villager who was passing by.”

Reports say, the J&K Police launched a major anti-militancy operation to locate another terrorist. The police with the help of CRPF cordoned off the area. A police spokesman stated “A search party is clearing the houses one by one. A husband-wife duo has been evacuated to hospital. The wife is unhurt. The husband, Omkar Nath, is injured in the arm and appears to be stable.”

The J&K police requested the locals “to assist and cooperate with the police in completing the operation logically and successfully so that the terrorists are killed and simultaneously the injured, if found, are evacuated for treatment”.

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