Police rescue six students trapped in college elevator in northern India

Police rescue six students trapped in college elevator in northern India

In a swift and heroic response, local police rescued six students trapped in an elevator at a government college in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place at Government Polytechnic College in Jassowala, Dehradun district on May 20.

Visuals showed how the policemen got the trapped students out of the elevator.

The incident occurred when a power outage caused the lift to get stuck, leaving the students panicked and at risk of fainting due to a lack of fresh air.


Upon receiving the distress call, Station House Officer Mukesh Tyagi and his team, equipped with disaster management tools, rushed to the scene. They enlisted the help of four local gas-cutting mechanics to aid in the rescue. Using gas cutters, the team successfully cut through the elevator doors and roof to free the students: Ayush, Tarun, Sudhanshu, Aniket, Rahul, and Harshit Negi.


Fire service teams and the elevator mechanic also arrived promptly to assist. The quick and efficient rescue operation received praise from the college principal, teachers, and students. In response to the incident, the police and fire department conducted a safety awareness session at the college to prevent future occurrences.

SHO Mukesh Tyagi and his team, along with the fire service led by FSO Isham Singh, were commended for their timely intervention and effective rescue efforts.

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