Police team rescue calf from deep well in northern India

Police team rescue calf from deep well in northern India

A coordinated effort led by police authorities successfully rescued a calf trapped in a deep well after receiving an urgent distress call in northern India’s Rajasthan.

Police team rescue calf from deep well in Rajasthan

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Posted by Newslions on Monday, April 15, 2024

The incident took place in the Shobhagpura Pragati Nagar area of Udaipur on April 15


Visuals showed a member of the rescue team descended into the well by tying a rope around himself. Once down there, he secured the rope around the fallen calf, after which the team above hoisted the rescuer up first, followed by the calf.

According to reports today, at 8:00 AM, the Police Control Room received information from Abhay Kamal, the commanding officer, that a calf had fallen into Kalu Lal Ji’s well in the Shobhagpura Pragati Nagar area.

The well is approximately 75 feet deep. Upon receiving this information, under the orders of Mr. Gitesh Ji Malviya, Deputy Controller of Civil Security Department, Udaipur, an immediate team was formed and dispatched to the scene.

The team reached the location and after nearly an hour of strenuous effort, successfully rescued the calf alive and handed it over to its owner. The team consisted of vehicle drivers Suresh Salvi, Hitesh Solanki, Vipul Choudhary, Ravi Sharma, Pushkar Choudhary, and Dharm Singh Gurjar, who played crucial roles in the operation

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