Police vehicle enters hospital’s general ward in northern India, puts patients at risk

Police vehicle enters hospital’s general ward in northern India, puts patients at risk

In a shocking incident, a police vehicle entered the general ward of a hospital in northern India’s Uttarakhand, putting the lives of emergency patients at risk. The police action was taken to apprehend a nursing officer accused of molestation.


The incident took place at AIIMS Hospital in Rishikesh on May 21.

Visuals showed the police jeep drove inside the general ward of the hospital, with patients and stretchers being moved aside to make way for the vehicle. The patients appeared confused and distressed.


The incident occurred on Tuesday when a police jeep, seen in a viral video, drove into the medical building and reached the fourth floor to detain the accused officer, Satish Kumar. Reports indicate that Kumar allegedly harassed a female doctor within the hospital premises on Sunday, May 19, and also sent her obscene SMS messages.


The police vehicle not only navigated through the sensitive areas of the medical facility but also passed through the emergency zone on its way out, raising serious concerns about patient safety. The hospital administration has yet to issue an official statement regarding the breach of protocol and the endangerment of patients.


This incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many questioning the necessity and justification of such drastic measures by the police in a healthcare setting. The video footage of the police jeep in the hospital ward has drawn widespread criticism and demands for accountability from the authorities involved.

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