Police vehicle without driver runs over sanitation worker in central India; two inspectors suspended

Police vehicle without driver runs over sanitation worker in central India; two inspectors suspended

In a tragic accident, a police vehicle without a driver ran over a sanitation worker in central India’s Madhya Pradesh which resulted in the suspension of two police inspectors.


The incident took place at Rajghat road in Sagar District on May 26.

Visuals showed outside a restaurant, some workers were sweeping when a driverless car suddenly started moving on its own. It hit one of the sweepers, ran him over, and came to a stop. A policeman was in the passenger seat and tried to stop the car in the driver’s absence.


According to reports the accident occurred on Rajghat Road, near a well-known and luxurious restaurant and bar. The unattended police Scorpio, parked on a slope and lacking a handbrake, began rolling forward and tragically ran over 25-year-old sanitation worker Pradeep Valmiki, who was sweeping the street. The horrifying incident was captured on CCTV, which later went viral, leading to swift disciplinary action.


Police sources stated that Deori Station House Officer Rohit Dongre and Women’s Police Station Officer Anand Singh visited the famous restaurant and bar around 6:00 PM. Inspector Anand Singh was in the front passenger seat while Inspector Rohit Dongre had stepped out to call for the driver. With no one at the wheel and parked on a slope, the vehicle started to move forward.


Pradeep Valmiki, a resident of Jaishi Nagar, was cleaning the street when he was struck by the runaway vehicle.


Upon receiving reports of the incident, Sagar District Superintendent of Police Abhishek Tiwari suspended both inspectors involved. It was revealed that the inspectors were in Sagar for training on the Indian Penal Code and had gone to the restaurant for lunch after their session.


The police have registered a case and begun an investigation into the incident. The viral CCTV footage clearly shows Inspector Anand Singh seated in the front passenger seat while the driver’s seat remains empty as the vehicle rolls forward.

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