Political leader assaulted fatally in public in northern India

Political leader assaulted fatally in public in northern India
A horrendous incident took place in northern India’s Punjab where a political party volunteer was brutally assaulted in public.
The incident took place outside the Ludhiana civil hospital in Ludhiana district on July 5.
Visuals showed a road crowded with people in the afternoon. Two men on a scooter were stopped by two individuals dressed in religious attire. One of them pulled the man, the victim, off the scooter, and they were seen in a heated conversation. Within seconds, the man in religious attire began assaulting the victim, and his companion soon joined in. Moments later, they both started brutally attacking the victim with a sword.
According to officials, police have stated that the victim of the assault was Shiv Sena Punjab leader Sandeep Thapar, also known as Gora, aged 58. The attack occurred as Thapar exited the Samvedna Trust office near the civil hospital after attending a ceremony commemorating the fourth death anniversary of the trust’s founder-president, Ravinder Arora. The four assailants, armed with swords, were waiting outside and struck Thapar on the head.
According to reports, eyewitnesses quickly transported the critically injured leader to the civil hospital, from where he was referred to the local Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. Following the incident, Shiv Sena leaders assembled at the civil hospital, protesting against the Punjab government and the police. The police reported that four assailants attacked Thapar with swords and escaped. His lone bodyguard did not resist or pursue the attackers.
Reportedly, the police personnel have initiated an investigation and a search is on for the accused.
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