Politician assaults young man with beer bottle in southern India

Politician assaults young man with beer bottle in southern India
A disturbing incident unfolded at a local eatery in southern India’s Telengana, where a politician violently attacked a young man, breaking his head with a beer bottle.
The incident took place in Maharaja Dhaba in Shad Nagar town on June 7.
Visuals showed a seemingly calm interaction between the politician and the young man. Seated at a corner table, the two appeared to be engaged in a cordial conversation while enjoying their drinks. The atmosphere was relaxed, with the clinking of glasses and murmurs of other patrons filling the background. However, the calm was abruptly shattered when the young man said something that visibly agitated the politician.
The politician’s demeanor changed in an instant. He stood up from his seat, his face contorted with anger. In a fit of rage, he grabbed a beer bottle from the table and smashed it against the edge, the jagged edges gleaming under the dim restaurant lights. Without warning, the politician struck the young man with the broken bottle, the sharp glass causing a severe head injury. The young man collapsed, clutching his head in pain, while the politician continued to shout angrily.
Staff members and diners rushed to help the injured man and to subdue the politician, who was eventually restrained. Authorities arrived swiftly at the scene, and the young man was taken to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. The politician was detained by the police, and an investigation is underway to understand the full circumstances that led to this violent outburst.

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