Politician fries puris on rooftop without fire, amid intense heatwave in central India

Politician fries puris on rooftop without fire, amid intense heatwave in central India

Intense Heatwave: BJP leader demonstrates extreme temperatures by frying puris(Indian food) on rooftop without fire in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.


The incident took place in Sheopur district and the video went viral on May 29.

Visuals showed Kalpana Rathore placing a frying pan on her rooftop under the blazing sun. Without the aid of a gas stove or any other heating device, she proceeds to fry pooris in the intense sunlight.


In a striking display of the extreme heatwave sweeping across India, BJP leader Kalpana Rathore from Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district has gone viral on social media for frying puris on her rooftop without the use of any stove or cooking device. The video captures the unimaginable heat as Rathore utilizes the scorching sun to cook food, highlighting the record-breaking temperatures that are causing distress across the nation.


Rathore explained that the idea came to her as she contemplated the severe heat. To test the extremity of the temperatures, she placed the pan on her rooftop for three hours until it was hot enough to fry the pooris. “Given the intense heat, I thought it would be interesting to see if the sun alone could fry food,” Rathore stated. The viral video has left many astonished and serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous and unprecedented heat conditions affecting the region.


This extraordinary incident underscores the severity of the current heatwave, which has disrupted lives and posed serious health risks. The footage from Sheopur, capturing the ability to fry food solely with the sun’s heat, is a vivid illustration of the extreme weather conditions plaguing the area.

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