Pregnant woman sings devotional songs during C-Section in eastern India, welcomes baby girl

Pregnant woman sings devotional songs during C-Section in eastern India, welcomes baby girl

During a unique cesarean section in eastern India’s West Bengal, a pregnant woman sang devotional songs, creating a serene and memorable atmosphere as she welcomed her baby girl into the world.


The incident took place at Kolkata on February 25.

Visuals showed doctors performed a cesarean section, a woman lay on the operating table, singing devotional songs. Despite being under the influence of anesthesia and experiencing pain, her melodious voice filled the room with hymns praising the divine. Her serene and unwavering chant provided a unique and calming backdrop to the surgical procedure, creating a memorable and spiritually uplifting atmosphere as her baby was gently brought into the world.


In a remarkable event blending professional expertise with personal experience, music therapist Sahiri Roy gave birth to a healthy baby girl under extraordinary circumstances. Admitted to the hospital with labor pains, Sahiri’s initial plan for a normal delivery changed due to complications, leading to a cesarean section.


As a seasoned music therapy practitioner, Sahiri decided to use her skills to manage the stress and fear of the surgery. With the doctors’ permission, she sang throughout the procedure, transforming the operating room into an unusual yet comforting space.


“Everyone who saw me said I would have a boy, but I wanted a healthy baby, and if it was a girl, it would be even better,” said Sahiri. When the doctor announced the birth of her daughter, tears of joy filled her eyes.


Dr. Indranil Saha, her gynecologist, known for his humane approach and preference for natural births, supported Sahiri through the process. Despite the eventual need for a cesarean, Dr. Saha’s positive demeanor and minimalistic approach to testing provided a sense of reassurance and comfort to the expectant mother.


Anesthesiologist Dr. Anand Sharma, also known for incorporating music therapy in his practice, created a serene atmosphere by playing devotional songs and engaging in light-hearted conversation while administering the epidural.


Pediatrician Dr. Lokesh Pandey, a highly experienced professional, was present to ensure the newborn’s health. Reflecting on her experience, Sahiri noted the distinct challenges of both delivery methods, emphasizing that neither is painless but each comes with its own set of trials.


“After a cesarean, it felt like learning to walk anew. Sitting was painful, and holding my baby for long periods was difficult,” she said, adding that the joy of her daughter’s birth outweighed the discomfort.


Sahiri’s story is a testament to the power of music therapy and the strength of the human spirit in facing life’s most challenging moments with grace and creativity.

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