Python causes traffic jam in central India, rescued

Python causes traffic jam in central India, rescued



An adult, full-sized python snake was rescued by a team of snake catchers that slithered its way to the road causing a traffic jam in central India’s Chhattisgarh.

The incident took place in Korba city on December 6.

The video made rounds on the internet after a huge python was seen in the middle of a busy road with vehicles waiting on either side surrounded by people in curiosity and panic. Bystanders informed the snake catcher’s team and the head of the team initiated the rescue operation.

In the video, the snake catcher can be seen holding the snake and safely capturing it inside a sack with the help of an aid. In an interview, he later informed that the snake is an Indian rock python variety and is non-poisonous in nature. However, such snakes can be dangerous to kids. The awareness amongst people to timely call the appropriate authority and not cause any injury to the snake is commendable, added the snake catcher.

With the onset of winter, the snakes usually come out of their habitat to bask in sun and a similar incident happened that led the snake to come out in the sun and subsequently on the road.

The snake has been safely released into its natural habitat and no incident of any injury has been reported.

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