Quick-thinking railway constable saves passenger’s life in northern India

Quick-thinking railway constable saves passenger’s life in northern India

A passenger slipped between the platform and the tracks while attempting to board a moving train in northern India’s Uttrakhand.

The incident took place at Platform 4 of Laksar Railway Station in Haridwar district on April 28.

Visuals showed the passenger’s balance faltered, sending him tumbling perilously close to the tracks below. It was then that Railway Constable Uma sprang into action, grabbing hold of the individual’s arms and preventing a potentially catastrophic fall.

Speaking to Newslions, ASI Satendrapal Singh said that the incident occurred as the Sealdah Express, running significantly behind schedule due to the protest-related disruptions, finally pulled into Platform 4 of Laksar Railway Station almost five hours late. Seizing the opportunity to board the train, a passenger hastily descended to retrieve some refreshments, only to find themselves in a precarious position as the train began to depart.

Sanjay Sharma, the officer-in-charge at Laksar GRP Station, recounted the event, emphasizing Constable Uma’s quick thinking and decisive action in averting a tragedy. “Despite the chaos and rush, Uma demonstrated exceptional presence of mind, ensuring the safety of the passenger amidst the frenzy of the moment,” stated Sharma.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the hazards inherent in railway travel, particularly during times of heightened activity and congestion. Railway authorities urge passengers to exercise caution and refrain from rushing, prioritizing safety above all else, especially amidst the current disruptions caused by the ongoing protests.

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