Railway employee helps thirsty dog drink water from watercooler at southern India

Railway employee helps thirsty dog drink water from watercooler at southern India

A Railways employee at railway station in southern India’s  Kerala has garnered widespread admiration for her compassionate act of helping a thirsty dog. The heartwarming moment, captured in a now-viral video, highlights the importance of kindness and humanity.


The incident took place at Thrissivaperoor Railway Station on June 3.

Visuals showed a dog was trying to drink water from a water cooler at a railway station. Seeing this, a staff member from the railway station came over. She filled a disposable cup with water and placed it on the ground for the dog. This way, the dog could easily drink the water and quench its thirst.


In a touching display of empathy and compassion, a Southern Railways employee at Thrissur railway station in Kerala stepped in to assist a thirsty dog struggling to drink water. The video of the incident, which has since gone viral, shows the dog desperately licking a water cooler’s tap in an attempt to quench its thirst.


Moved by the sight, the railway employee quickly fetched a paper cup, filled it with water from the tap, and placed it in an accessible spot for the dog. The grateful canine eagerly drank from the cup, finally able to quench its thirst.


The woman’s simple yet profound act of kindness has been widely praised by netizens. Comments and shares flooded social media platforms, with many lauding her for exemplifying humanity and compassion in a small but significant way.


This heartwarming incident at Thrissur railway station serves as a reminder of the impact of small acts of kindness and the importance of caring for all living beings, reinforcing the message that compassion can indeed make a difference in our daily lives.

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