Rare bird draws villager’s attention in southern India

Rare bird draws villager’s attention in southern India

A rare bird sighting in southern India’s Telangana has captivated the local villagers, prompting a rush to witness the exotic visitor up close.

The incident took place at Gudimalkapur, Chinthalapalem Mandal of Suryapet District on June 15.

Visuals showed a rare and mysterious bird, resembling an owl, was found in the courtyard of a village home, lying injured with broken wings. The villagers, upon discovering the bird, immediately took it to a veterinary doctor, where the doctor treated its wounds with medication.



A rare bird species resembling an owl quickly became the center of attention, drawing curious villagers from across the village.



The bird, which was discovered with a broken wing, was carefully captured by the villagers, who then rushed it to a local veterinary doctor for emergency care. After receiving initial treatment to stabilize its injuries, the bird was transported to the local Beat Officer’s office for further assessment.

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