Rats terrorise hospital in central India, endangering newborns

Rats terrorise hospital in central India, endangering newborns

A severe rat infestation at a largest hospital in central India’s Madhya Pradesh is forcing parents to stay awake all night to protect their newborns.

The incident took place at a hospital in Gwalior on June 9.

Visuals showed rats can be seen running rampant in the hospital, exposing the inadequacies of the hospital management. The maternity ward has become overrun by these pests, with dozens of large rats seen scurrying about daily, even climbing onto patients’ beds and reaching their heads.

The presence of rats in the ward has created an atmosphere of terror, preventing patients from sleeping and eating. These rodents are also contaminating patients’ food, adding to the distress. The video vividly shows eight to ten rats gnawing at items stored in the ward.

Rats are entering through sewage drains and broken window screens, making their way into the wards. They are significantly larger than typical rats, and their presence is exacerbated by the damaged window screens and the numerous burrows found around the hospital premises. There is also a potential risk of rats reaching the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

The question arises: who will be held responsible if a newborn is bitten by a rat? The hospital staff is aware of the rat infestation, but no effective measures have been taken to control it. The safety of newborns at night is a critical concern.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Virendra Verma stated, “We will block all entry points to prevent rats from entering the wards. Pest control measures will also be implemented. We have not received any complaints about this issue until now.”


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