Rescue operations underway after landslide on highway in northern India

Rescue operations underway after landslide on highway in northern India

A significant landslide on a highway in northern India’s Uttrakhand resulted in the tragic death of one person and left several others injured. The incident, which involved falling rocks and boulders, has led to the temporary suspension of pilgrimage traffic to Gangotri.


The incident took place on the Gangotri National Highway near Dabhani in Uttarkashi district on May 31.

Visuals showed in the aftermath of the landslide on the Gangotri Highway near Uttarkashi, the scene is chaotic and filled with debris. Large rocks and rubble are scattered across the road, remnants of the massive landslide that struck the area. Amidst the debris, an overturned vehicle lies on its side. A JCB machinery is at the site, actively lifting the damaged car, trying to clear the way and assist in the ongoing rescue operations. The rescue team works diligently, navigating through the fallen rocks and rubble to ensure no one is left trapped and to restore the route for safe passage.


In a devastating incident on the Gangotri National Highway near Dabhani in Uttarkashi, a massive landslide has claimed one life and caused injuries to several others. The landslide, which occurred earlier today, involved large rocks and boulders crashing onto the road, crushing several vehicles beneath them.

The tragedy unfolded as a result of ongoing construction work by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in the area. Eyewitnesses reported that the landslide struck without warning, giving drivers and passengers little time to react. Rescue teams were promptly dispatched to the site and are currently engaged in efforts to free those trapped and provide medical assistance to the injured.


In response to the accident, authorities have temporarily halted the pilgrimage traffic to Gangotri as a precautionary measure. Pilgrims are being advised to stay at safe locations until the route is deemed secure for travel again. Efforts to clear the debris and ensure the safety of the highway are underway.

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