Rescuers save bull from well in central India

Rescuers save bull from well in central India
In a dramatic rescue, a bull was saved after falling into a well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.
The incident took place near Kudri Kranti Chowk on May 28.
Visuals showed how the bull was pulled out of the well using ropes. The bull (Nandi) was successfully extracted from the well thanks to the combined efforts of local residents and animal welfare workers.
The rescue operation, which started around 17:55 hrs to 18:22 hrs in the evening was led by Gaurav Radhi Mishra, with the assistance of his team. They were also supported by the workers of the organisation named Atal Kaamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan.
The incident highlights the community spirit and dedication to animal welfare in the area. Nandi was reported to be in good health following the rescue, much to the relief of those involved.
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