Road caves in northern India due to sewer leak

Road caves in northern India due to sewer leak

A major accident was averted in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh when a road caved in due to a sewer line leakage.

The incident occurred on Sector 8 Marg adjoining Kursi Road in Vikas Nagar of Lucknow city on July 7.

Visuals showed a large portion of the road suddenly collapsing due to the sewer line leakage, creating a big pothole.

According to reports, a pit about 15 to 20 feet deep was formed. Following the accident, the Municipal Corporation stated that the pit would be filled soon by working on a war footing. The entire road has been blocked off with barricades. Due to rain in Lucknow, the water level of the rivers has also increased, leading to leakage under the road. Big pits have formed at three places on this road previously. Last year, a similar road collapse occurred, and a car got stuck in the pit.


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