RPF personnel rescues passenger who fell from moving train in northern India

RPF personnel rescues passenger who fell from moving train in northern India

A prompt action by a Railway Protection Force constable prevented a major accident in northern India’s Rajasthan.

The incident took place at Dausa Railway Station in Dausa district on May 9.

Visuals showed a man attempting to board a moving train on the platform lost his balance and fell to the ground below.He got dragged for a while before the RPF Constable Sohan Lal stationed nearby swiftly intervenes, reaching out to grab the man’s hand as he teeters dangerously between the platform and the train. The constable’s quick action prevents the man from falling further, ensuring his safety amid the bustling platform.

Speaking to Newslions, Sub Inspector Ummed Singh recounted an incident during the operation of passenger train no. 15013, Ranikhet Express, at platform no. 02 of Dausa Railway Station. He described how, due to the failure of one passenger to board the moving train, a dangerous situation unfolded. The passenger was dragged between the platform and the train, but quick action by RPF Constable Sohan Lal averted a tragedy. Lal swiftly intervened upon witnessing the incident at Chowki Dausa, preventing the passenger from being run over by the train.


The train was halted on the platform by reducing pressure, and upon inquiry, the passenger, identified as Jitendra, disclosed that he held a regular ticket from Jaipur to Delhi. He explained that he had disembarked for water but couldn’t re-board his original coach in time, so he caught onto the moving AC coach, resulting in the mishap. Subsequently, Jitendra was safely accommodated in the same carriage, and the train resumed its journey. The head of the department, TCSP Jyoti Kumsar Satija, and Bhaueprita Soni oversee the team, which carries out several rescues under their supervision.

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