Sambar deer rescued after being spotted inside house in northern India

Sambar deer rescued after being spotted inside house in northern India

A Sambar deer was rescued after being spotted inside a house in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident happened in the Civil Lines area, Meerut district on November 25.

Visuals showed the large deer wandering by the side of a road. It seemingly wanted to enter a building but ran away after spotting a person inside it. Later, it was seen inside the house.

The deer stood still in one corner and seemed to run away after a man gave it a bucket of water to drink from. According to a report, the forest department team in consultation with wildlife experts conducted the rescue operation of the animal after they received information about it.

The rescue operation was also shown where the men involved in the task were seen using a big net to trap the deer. They pinned the deer to the ground after trapping it in the net. The task was far from easy though with the massive animal reacting violently during its capture.

The whole procedure was three to three-and-half hour long and it involved a team led by range officer Vidhan Chand, wildlife guards Gaurav Singh, Mohan, Gopal and Gulshan. Dr RK Singh provided the team with technical guidance while Rajesh Kumar, the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Meerut oversaw the whole operation.

The deer, which is believed to have strayed from a nearby area, was then released into a safe habitat. 

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