Sambar deer rescued after it enters into residential area in northern India

Sambar deer rescued after it enters into residential area in northern India

A sambar deer was rescued by officials after it had made its way into a residential area in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

This incident happened in Kathbangla area of Dehradun on January 8.


Visuals showed the sambar deer standing inside an enclosure. The wild animal stood among dirty and empty overturned buckets, old and damaged sheets of asbestos along with dust and dirt all around. The space was guarded by a wall and it was not known how it got there. The sambar deer also seemingly suffered an injury to its mouth and it stood in the area, gazing around with people catching a sight of it. Officials of the forest department later arrived and were seen attempting to tranquilise the wild animal before capturing it. Doing it was a necessary move as the deer could have injured anyone with its massive antlers while it was being captured. Later, the people were seen dragging the massive deer out of the area in a net.

The wild animal was captured and was being taken away by the people as they pulled the net above the area, which seemingly was a low-lying one. It seemed quite an arduous task as the sambar deer was massive in size and it had to be carried up a slope. The people involved in this work, used a ladder to climb the slope and dragged the deer inside the net, along it with others at the top pulling it at the same time.

The animal was later treated by Dr. Dipti Arora who is a veterinary specialist.



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