Sand mine collapse traps several in central India; rescue operations underway

Sand mine collapse traps several in central India; rescue operations underway

A sand mine collapse has trapped several individuals beneath the debris in central India’s Madhya Pradesh. Rescue operations are currently ongoing to save those buried.

The incident took place in Katra Ramkheriya village of Jabalpur district on June 5.

Visuals showed after the sand mine collapsed, several people were trapped under the debris. Rescuers began digging through the soil to reach and rescue the buried individuals. The scene was chaotic, with a large crowd gathered around, contributing to the tense atmosphere. Amidst the commotion, the cries of the families who lost their loved ones filled the air, adding to the distressing ambiance.

The tragedy struck as laborers were extracting sand from an illegal mine along the Barnu River when the mine suddenly collapsed. Police received information about the collapse around 11:30 AM and immediately rushed to the scene.

Rescue operations led to the recovery of three bodies from the sand. The deceased have been identified as Mukesh (35), son of Jagan Khatik, Munni Bai (38), wife of Jagan Basor, and Rajkumar (29), son of Kailash Khatik. All three were residents of Katra village.

Three individuals were injured in the collapse: Khushbu (25), wife of Vinod, Savitri (35), wife of Anu Basor, and Chandni (20), daughter of Raju Basor. They have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

The mine, approximately 20 feet deep, was reportedly operated by Dinnu Khatik, who employed laborers for sand extraction. Efforts to locate the missing worker are ongoing, with the use of a JCB machine.

Local authorities are investigating the incident and have emphasized the dangers associated with illegal mining operations. The community mourns the loss of lives and hopes for the safe recovery of the missing worker.

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