Scarcity of clean water causes concern for people in northern India

Scarcity of clean water causes concern for people in northern India

Location Ward 15, Ghaziabad, northern India's Uttar Pradesh. Date: 2023-05-26

The scarcity of clean water for daily usage has become a cause of concern for the residents of ward 15 in Ghaziabad located in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.


The visuals were shot at Chowdary Charan Singh colony in Sarvodaya Nagar on May 26.

Visuals showed people lining up with empty buckets in their hands, waiting for water. A man was seen holding a small pipe with which he filled up buckets. Water which came out was also not clean, as was seen in the buckets.


Residents of ward 15 have been experiencing this same problem for months. A man was also seen with water jars on the back of his vehicle. People have had to purchase clean water with the pipes giving off dirty water. The locals also shared that they have complained about this problem to the authorities. But they have been turned a deaf ear to. A resident of this area, named Jalbir, further states that they have to beg for clean water as it is not affordable. “People come to sell water to us and we buy that for our daily use,” another man, named Mulla Ji Ansar, said.BS Bimal, another resident, states that due to the scarcity of clean water, there has been several diseases in this place, leading to many deaths, including children. “The authorities have ensured that everything will be solved,” he said.

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