School van crashes into medical store in western India

School van crashes into medical store in western India
A tragic crash took place in western India’s Maharashtra where a school van collided into a medical store.
The incident took place in the Poonam Sagar area of Mira road, Mumbai on June 24.
Visuals showed the van moving at a high speed after getting out of control and crashing into the medical store during late hours of the day. The collision of the school van with a medical store damaged motorcycle lay nearby, reflecting the chaotic moment when the van failed to halt. The medical store appeared to be empty at the moment of the crash.
According to reports, the driver, identified as 22-year-old Abdul Kalam, lost control of the vehicle shortly after starting it, accidentally accelerating onto the footpath. The van overturned at the store’s entrance, prompting an immediate emergency response.
 Reportedly, a motorcycle was damaged when Kalam, in a state of panic, failed to apply brakes in time during the incident. Fortunately, there were no customers inside the store, and the owner, Sunil Gupta, narrowly escaped any injuries. Officials stated, there were no serious injuries reported in the incident while Kalam was handed over to the Naya Nagar police who are currently investigating the matter.
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