SDRF, IAF successfully rescued stranded trekkers in northern India

SDRF, IAF successfully rescued stranded trekkers in northern India

The SDRF, in collaboration with IAF successfully rescued trekkers who were injured and stranded in northern India’s Uttarakhand amid harsh weather conditions.

The incident took place on the Sahastra Tal trek route in the Garhwal Region on June 5.

Visuals showed a helicopter, equipped with all necessary supplies, ready to assist. The scene was intense as the helicopter carefully navigated the rugged terrain, lowering rescue personnel to the injured trekkers stranded on the Sahastra Tal trek.

Rescue teams were seen covering the injured and dead with sheets before carrying them through the snow-covered landscape. The area was heavily blanketed in snow, adding to the complexity of the rescue operation.

According to reports, a trekking group consisting of 22 members, including 18 from Karnataka, one from Maharashtra, and three local guides, set off on the Sahastra Tal trek from Malla-Silla-Kushkalyan on May 29, 2024. The expedition, organized by the Himalayan View Tracking Agency, was scheduled to return by June 7. However, the team encountered severe weather conditions, causing them to lose their way.

On receiving information about the incident, including the tragic death of four trekkers, the SDRF promptly initiated rescue operations. Acting under the instructions of SDRF Commander Shri Manikant Mishra, two high-altitude rescue teams were deployed early on June 5, 2024. A three-member team was dispatched via helicopter from Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun, while another team was kept on standby with essential equipment.

Additionally, a six-member team from Uttarkashi district headed to the scene. Under the supervision of Shri Manikant Mishra at Sahastradhara Helipad, a four-member third rescue team was also mobilized to aid in the operations.

Working tirelessly since yesterday, IAF Cheetah and Mi 17 IV helicopters successfully retrieved the mortal remains of the remaining four trekkers today. The survivors of the mishap have also been airlifted to the nearest medical centre for further care and recuperation. The rescue operation, which commenced yesterday, has now culminated. Nine trekkers died in minus 8 degree temperature.

So far, the SDRF teams have successfully rescued six trekkers and transported them safely to Natin village in Bhatwari Tehsil, Uttarkashi. Another four trekkers have been rescued and brought to Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun.

When the trekkers reached the top, the sun was shining. Suddenly the weather changed. A snowstorm came and 22 trekkers got stuck. Thirteen trekkers have been admitted to the hospital.

Rescue efforts continue as the SDRF and IAF strive to provide care for the survivors and bring closure to this tragic incident.


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