SDRF in northern India executes midnight flood rescue

SDRF in northern India executes midnight flood rescue
In a recent incident in northern India’s Uttarakhand, SDRF undertook a heroic rescue operation to save 30 people trapped in flood amidst heavy rainfall.
The incident took place in Jagpura district on July 7.
Visuals captured the SDRF handling a lifeboat and maneuvering towards those stranded in the flood. Subsequently, the stranded individuals can be seen being safely pulled towards safety.
Speaking to NewsLions, Lalita Negi, SDRF Media Coordinator at Uttarakhand Control Room, reported that SDRF rescued 30 people trapped in floods in Jagpura late at night. Upon receiving information from SDM Tanakpur, they swiftly deployed under Inspector Manish Bhakuni’s leadership, evacuating women, children, and men from floodwaters. Despite challenges, all were safely transported to a rain shelter in Banbasa by bus, with further rescue operations ongoing in Tanakpur and Jagpura, Banbasa.
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