SDRF rescues 45 people trapped by landslide in northern India

SDRF rescues 45 people trapped by landslide in northern India

In a heroic rescue operation, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) successfully rescued 45 individuals trapped by a landslide in northern India’s Uttarakhand.


The incident took place near Delhi Band in Pithoragarh district on July 7.

Visuals showed near a mountain road, a significant number of people were anxiously waiting for a landslide. They stood at a safe distance from the landslide-prone area. Meanwhile, an NDRF team was also present at the site. Gradually, debris and stones were falling from the mountain. The scene was tense as everyone watched the debris trickle down, anticipating the potential danger. The presence of the NDRF team provided a sense of security amidst the unfolding situation.


According to reports the District Control Room in Pithoragarh alerted the SDRF team about a landslide that blocked the road and stranded 45 people. Responding swiftly, a team led by Chief Constable Manoj Dhoni, equipped with essential rescue tools, was dispatched to the scene.


Upon arrival, the SDRF team acted promptly, ensuring that all trapped individuals were safely guided through the blocked path and moved to a secure location. The timely intervention and effective rescue operation of the SDRF prevented potential casualties and ensured the safety of all affected by the landslide.

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