SDRF saves 100 lives after heavy rain destroys bridge in northern India

SDRF saves 100 lives after heavy rain destroys bridge in northern India

The SDRF successfully conducted a daring rescue operation to save approximately 100 people in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place at Maldevta Road near Sitapur in Tehri Garhwal district on July 23.






Visuals showed the SDRF team conducted a daring rescue operation with ropes, bringing the stranded individuals to safety in an area flooded with water. The scene depicts the team members braving the treacherous conditions with utmost courage as they navigate through the waterlogged path. The rushing water adds an element of danger and urgency to the situation. The rescue team members were seen coordinating and working together, pulling the stranded people along the ropes to ensure their safe evacuation.

The incident occurred when torrential rains resulted in the collapse of a temporary bridge.

Upon receiving an urgent distress call from the local police post in Kumalda, the SDRF quickly mobilized their rescue team under the leadership of Commandant Mr. Manikant Mishra. Inspector Anirudh Bhandari was tasked with heading the challenging mission, equipped with essential rescue gear and equipment.

Facing adverse weather conditions and treacherous terrain, the SDRF rescue team set out from their base at Sahastradhara to reach the incident site. In a proactive measure, another backup rescue team was placed on alert at the SDRF headquarters to provide immediate support if needed.

Without hesitation, the SDRF team sprang into action, employing ropes and specialized equipment to navigate the hazardous waters and reach the stranded victims. Braving strong currents and challenging conditions, they successfully brought each person to safety, ensuring no one was left behind.

Local authorities and residents expressed their gratitude to the SDRF for their prompt response and efficient rescue efforts. The Chief Minister also lauded the bravery and professionalism of the rescue team, commending their life-saving mission.


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