Search operations continue after landslide hits western India

Search operations continue after landslide hits western India

The rescue operations continued as the officials attempted to save people who had been trapped after a landslide struck western India’s Maharashtra.

This happened in Irshalwadi hamlet of Raigad district on July 19.


Visuals showed the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) officials at work. They were seen clearing out the debris from one of the areas affected by the landslide in a bid to save the trapped. The whole area where they conducted the rescue operation was left completely wrecked by the landslide with rubble of houses and other establishments lying all over. According to a report, at least 16 people died after being trapped under the houses in the area. Their bodies were found and 93 residents were found as well.

A total of 119 people are still reported to be missing as search operations continue to locate them. The village had 50 houses out of which 17 were destroyed. Four NDRF teams were put to action.

Unfortunately, the operation had to be brought to a halt midway due to heavy rainfall which presented the threat of more landslides.


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