Severe heat wave strikes northern India: students faint during exam, hospitalized for treatment

Severe heat wave strikes northern India: students faint during exam, hospitalized for treatment

A relentless heatwave in northern India’s Bihar has caused severe distress, with two schoolgirls fainting during a monthly examination. Both students are now receiving treatment at Sadar Hospital as the community grapples with the soaring temperatures.

The incident took place at Madhopur Girls High School in Munger district on June 24.

Visuals showed as the heatwave intensified, a student began to feel increasingly unwell. She swayed slightly before collapsing on the bed. Her friends immediately gathered around her, their faces etched with concern. Her breathing became shallow and her skin pale, indicating she needed urgent medical attention. The scene was one of urgency and worry, with her friends doing their best to help as they waited for her parents to arrive.

The oppressive heat wave sweeping across Munger has not only disrupted daily life but has also posed serious health risks, particularly for school children where a student, Bushra Irfan, fainted during a monthly examination due to extreme heat and dehydration.

Following the incident, school authorities provided first aid to Bushra and immediately informed her parents. The anxious parents, with the assistance of her classmates, rushed her to Sadar Hospital for medical attention.

However, the situation took another alarming turn when Kashish, another student who accompanied Bushra to the hospital, also fainted upon arrival due to the severe heat. Both students are currently receiving treatment at Sadar Hospital.

Parents have expressed their concern and frustration over the school management’s handling of the situation. They criticized the lack of immediate medical supervision for Bushra when she fainted, highlighting that no teachers were present to assist her until her friends stepped in.

One of Bushra’s classmates recounted the incident, saying, “She suddenly fainted during the exam. We informed the teacher, but she just checked and left, then called Bushra’s parents. When her parents arrived, we helped bring her to the hospital, where Kashish also fainted from the heat.”

This incident underscores the severe impact of the heatwave in Munger, making it increasingly difficult for children to attend school safely. As temperatures continue to rise, concerns about student safety and the need for better preparedness in schools are becoming more urgent. Both Bushra and Kashish are currently under medical care, and their families hope for their speedy recovery amidst the ongoing heat crisis.

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