Severe landslide strikes key tourist road in northern India

Severe landslide strikes key tourist road in northern India

District authorities have prohibited public access to a key tourist road in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh following a landslide.

The incident took place between Guinala and Donali on the road leading to Manimahesh Dal Lake in Chamba on July 10.

Visuals showed a terrifying landslide unfolded on a mountainside, with debris, soil, and rocks cascading down. The rubble seemed to float in the air like a ballooning cloud, carried by the wind.

The road is a critical route for tourists, especially during this season when many visit the region for Lord Shiva Darshan at Manimahesh Lake and Manimahesh Hill. The landslide has prompted authorities to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of visitors.

No casualties or damage to property were reported. A tourist traveling the route captured video footage of the landslide. The authorities are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as necessary. Visitors are advised to avoid the area until further notice.

The Chamba-Manimahesh route is renowned for its scenic beauty and spiritual significance, attracting a heavy influx of tourists annually. The district administration’s swift response aims to mitigate any potential risks and maintain the safety and security of both residents and visitors.



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