Severe waterlogging forces risky rope crossings in northern India

Severe waterlogging forces risky rope crossings in northern India

Location Sanchar district, northern India's Rajasthan. Date: 2023-06-17

Heavy rainfall leads to severe waterlogging on the roads of northern India’s Rajasthan, forcing people to resort to risky rope crossings for navigation.

The incident took place in Sanchar district on June 17.




Visuals showed that due to heavy rainfall, the road was flooded with water up to a significant height, causing difficulty for people to walk on the road. People were seen cautiously navigating through the flooded area, holding onto a rope for support and balance.

Inside the houses, water accumulated, creating a challenging situation for the residents.

The western subdivision of Rajasthan has received more rainfall this monsoon season so far, where most of the districts are known to be dry and hot. On the other hand, the districts of the eastern subdivision usually get more rainfall but have received less this time.

There is a high alert for places at low levels, which are likelier to face floods, said Jain. When it rains up to 300 millimetres in 24 hours, the situation worsens in these areas. However, 100 to 200 mm of rainfall is not particularly harmful for these locations.

A flood management manual was prepared 18 years ago in Rajasthan, said Jain. “For the last few years, teams have been alerted for floods on June 15. The human resources for disaster management are also increasing in the state, which is an indication of an increasing number of disasters,” he added.

The monsoon system becomes active in Rajasthan after June 25.


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