Shocking! Leopard attacks man after straying into residential area in northern India, rescued

Shocking! Leopard attacks man after straying into residential area in northern India, rescued

A leopard caused quite a havoc as it attacked a man after straying into a residential area in northern India’s Rajasthan.

This incident happened in Mangrol village of Maniyan police station area in Dholpur district on April 2.

Visuals showed the leopard wreaking havoc in the area. It jumped onto a man and attacked him while others with sticks in their hands attempted to stop the rampaging animal. Police officials were seen in the area and the leopard was spotted pouncing on a man before others chased it away with sticks. Another angle of the visual showed the leopard inside of the lane where it attacked the man. There was a huge group of people who had gathered at the spot and they had sticks and flashlights, attempting to spot the wild animal in the dark. It was learnt that two people were injured in this leopard attack, who have been identified as Shankar Lodhi and Diwakar.

As per a report, the forest department officials arrived at the spot after receiving information about the leopard but the wild animal could not be captured due to it being dark. The leopard was spotted at around 5pm on April 2 inside of a farmer’s enclosure where it attempted to attack a woman. The leopard subsequently attacked a man, 40-year-old Shankar Lodhi and subsequently entered a house where it left Diwakar, aged 42, injured.

The wild animal subsequently hid itself inside of a broken building in the village and despite the forest department’s efforts, it could not be captured. There was an atmosphere of panic and fear among the villagers because of the forest department’s unsuccessful attempt at capturing the leopard. Police station-in-charge Devesh Kumar said that experts of the forest department were at the spot with necessary equipment as they attempted to rescue the wild animal.

The animal was rescued and later released in the forest.

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