Shocking! Man pushes off another from terrace after physical altercation in northern India

Shocking! Man pushes off another from terrace after physical altercation in northern India

In a shocking incident, a businessman threw another man from the terrace of a building reportedly after a conflict, in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident took place at a hotel in Bareilly on April 21.

CCTV footage captured the shocking moment when the businessman went onto throw away the victim Sarthak Agrawal from the terrace of the building. The accused, identified as Sanjeev Arora is seen storming into the frame and attacking Sarthak before grabbing and throwing him from the terrace of the building they were in. He was not done yet. Sanjeev subsequently beat up one more man who was around in that area and continued to slap him left right and centre. He seemingly attempted to throw away this man as well from the top of the building before another person, who was there intervened and momentarily stopped the assault. The accused still didn’t stop and once again beat up the man, who was now passing by that area.

According to a report, the victim Sarthak Agrawal, a businessman himself, had gone to attend a party with one of his friends Ridim Arora, whose father is the accused in this case. An argument between the two broke out and Ridim ended up informing Sanjeev about the same to Sanjeev, who arrived at the spot. Sanjeev Arora, is a  textile businessman and it was learnt that Sarthak’s condition is critical after he was admitted to a medical college.

An FIR has been filed at the police station as per which, the accused attacked Sarthak without any provocation and was under the influence of alcohol. Sanjeev also has had a case registered against him charging him of assault causing grievous harm.

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