Shocking! Man undergoes sex change surgery without consent in northern India

Shocking! Man undergoes sex change surgery without consent in northern India

In a tragic incident a man has reportedly undergone a sex change surgery without consent in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, 20 year old Mujahid claimed that a man named Omprakash used to molest him and claimed on June 3 he was taken to Begrajpur Medical College In Muzaffarnagar where he was coerced to undergo an operation. The hospital, in contrast, claimed that Mujahid was admitted to the hospital on June 4 and his operation was conducted on June 6.

Visuals showed Mujahid being in distress while giving his consent for the operation. He can be seen acknowledging that he wanted to undergo sex-change surgery willingly. In the video, he stated that he desires to change his gender and has been informed about all the complications of the surgery. He also acknowledged that he understands that after this operation, he will not be the same as before.

According to reports, Mujahid had accused another person named Omprakash of coercing him to visit a hospital, where Dr. Farooqui allegedly removed his genitals as part of sex-change surgery. However, in recent reports, the hospital released a video where Mujahid could be seen giving his consent for the surgery.

According to officials, Kirti Goswami, the Chief Medical Superintendent of the Medical College, has revealed that Mujahid had been visiting the plastic surgery department for one or two months. He has been a subject to various tests and he willingly chose to undergo the sex-change surgery.

Reportedly, the matter is still being investigated and controversies have sparked amongst the public after the release of the consent video.

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