Shocking! Minor girl gets assaulted by man in southern India

Shocking! Minor girl gets assaulted by man in southern India

In an horrendous incident a minor girl has been raped by a man in southern India’s Telangana.

The miserable incident took place near a rice mill in Peddapalli district on June 13.

The visuals showed a petrifying site in which the accused can be seen carrying the girl in his arms late at night. In another set of visuals, the girl’s mother can be seen in absolute distress as she narrates her pain and concern towards the whole incident.

According to reports, police have stated that the accused kidnapped the girl from a rice mill where she was asleep beside her mother. Reportedly he lifted the girl, took her to nearby bushes and sexually assaulted her after which he killed her.

According to officials, the victim’s mother found her daughter missing past midnight and she immediately alerted other workers. Upon searching, the locals found the girl lying dead near the rice mill.

Reports further revealed that the workers caught hold of the accused Balram, who identifies as a truck driver from Uttar Pradesh and the police have taken the accused into custody. Police have shifted the victim’s body to a government hospital for autopsy and are carrying out the investigation.

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