Shopkeeper thrashed in northern India over payment dispute

Shopkeeper thrashed in northern India over payment dispute

A shopkeeper was thrashed black and blue by a customer over a payment dispute in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This happened in Indirapuram police station, Ghaziabad area on July 2.




CCTV footage captured the whole conflict which started with an argument. The shopkeeper and the customer seemed to argue over something which led the former to get up from his seat. The verbal war continued between the two with two others trying to play peacemakers. But the shopkeeper suddenly got enraged and pulled some goods from his shop to take out an item with which he later attacked the customer.

But the plan went terribly wrong for him as he was overpowered and thrashed badly in front of everyone. The customer rained a barrage of blows on him and kicked the back of his head constantly until he seemingly lost his senses and lay on the ground. Men present there tried to help him but he didn’t show any signs of being conscious after the attack. According to a report, a case of assault has been registered against two youths.


It has been learnt that the customer had come from Makanpur village and that he had purchased milk and eggs, half for which he paid in cash and the remaining amount was transferred online. A dispute arose over this payment of money which led to the conflict.

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