Snake sneaks inside bed at house in central India, rescued

Snake sneaks inside bed at house in central India, rescued

A snake was precariously rescued from inside of a bed in a house in central India’s Chhattisgarh.

The incident happened in the locality of Pondi Bahar in Korba district on July 20.

Visuals showed renowned snake catcher Jitendra Sarathi carefully taking out the snake from inside of the bed, which had pipe-like structures as its frameworks. The reptile had somehow snuck into one of those pipes. Sarathi, with a lot of care, pulled the snake out of it while his partner poked an iron rod through the structure at the other end.

The iron rod at the other end ensured it couldn’t escape as Sarathi managed to pull it out while the reptile had its hood raised, ready to strike. He then carefully put the snake inside a plastic jar, to be released into the wild.

It was learnt that the house belonged to a man named Narad Patel, who works as a watchman. His brother-in-law, after having food, had laid on the bed and was resting while talking on the phone when the snake appeared. Scared, he instantly escaped the spot and called for help.

Sarathi and his team, who were conducting another rescue at the time, rushed to the spot and captured the snake. The women of the family said that the snake appearing can be taken as a good omen, especially in the month of ‘Sawan’. It is also why they didn’t kill the reptile and waited for it to be rescued instead.

Patel’s brother-in-law, who first spotted the snake, said that it had seen the reptile earlier as well but didn’t pay much heed, thinking that it was harmless and had run away.

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