Speeding car rammed into stationary lorry in southern india

Speeding car rammed into stationary lorry in southern india
In a tragic incident, a speeding car rammed into a stationary lorry in southern India’s Telangana.
The incident took place in Mukundapuram, Suryapet district on April 22.
The visuals depicted a disturbing scene as a car collided with a stationary lorry, resulting in a catastrophic impact. The car appeared to be wedged underneath the larger lorry, indicating the severity of the collision. In another harrowing image, bystanders could be seen rushing to the scene, desperately attempting to extricate the injured individual trapped inside the car. Their concerted efforts to rescue the victim underscored the urgency of the situation and the collective desire to provide aid amidst the chaos. Eventually, a crane was deployed to carefully lift the damaged car, a painstaking process that further highlighted the magnitude of the accident and the challenges involved in its aftermath.
According to reports, a couple died after the car in which they were travelling rammed into a lorry. The accident occurred as the couple, S Naveen Raj, 29, and Bhargavi, 24, both from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, were en route to Vijayawada. The collision was so severe that the car’s roof sustained extensive damage when it collided with the lorry from behind, resulting in serious injuries to the occupants, as per the police report.

Despite efforts by locals to manually extract them from the car, they were unsuccessful as the vehicle was wedged beneath the lorry. Subsequently, the police were notified, and they dispatched a crane to assist in the rescue operation. Initially challenging, the task of dislodging the car from beneath the lorry was eventually accomplished with the assistance of the local community, as reported by the police. Naveen Raj, a lecturer at a corporate college, had been married to Bhargavi for two years.

Later, the body was shifted to Kodad Government Hospital for post-mortem. Locals said that speeding and sleep deprivation were the reasons for the accident.

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