SpiceJet passengers endure hour-long wait without AC in northern India

SpiceJet passengers endure hour-long wait without AC in northern India

A routine SpiceJet flight turned into an ordeal for passengers who were forced to endure over an hour without air conditioning in northern India’s Delhi.

The incident took place inside the flight in Delhi on June 19.

Visuals showed inside the crowded SpiceJet flight, passengers sat tightly packed, visibly uncomfortable due to the lack of air conditioning. The intense heat was palpable, with many perspiring heavily. In an attempt to find relief, passengers resorted to fanning themselves with anything they could find—files, papers, documents, and newspapers. These makeshift fans waved in unison, creating a scene of collective discomfort and desperation as everyone struggled to cope with the sweltering conditions inside the cabin.

Passengers aboard SpiceJet flight SG 486 experienced extreme discomfort as they were left waiting inside the stifling aircraft with no air conditioning. With outside temperatures soaring, the heat inside the cabin quickly became unbearable, causing several passengers to feel unwell.

One passenger described the situation as “unbearable,” noting that “the air inside the cabin was so hot, it was difficult to breathe.” Many travelers were seen fanning themselves with safety cards and newspapers in a desperate attempt to cool down. The lack of ventilation exacerbated the situation, causing significant distress among those on board.

SpiceJet has not yet provided a detailed explanation for the delay in activating the air conditioning system.

This incident highlights the critical importance of maintaining air conditioning systems on aircraft, especially during extreme weather conditions, to ensure passenger comfort and safety. As heatwaves become more frequent, airlines must prioritize the well-being of their passengers to avoid similar situations.



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