Stone pelting erupts during slum demolition drive in western India

Stone pelting erupts during slum demolition drive in western India

Tensions flared in western India’s Maharashtra as locals resorted to stone-pelting during a slum demolition operation, resulting in injuries to several police officers.

The incident took place at Jai Bhim Nagar in Powai area of Mumbai on June 6.

Visuals showed a large crowd of locals aggressively pelting stones at the police, who were seen retreating and shielding themselves from the barrage. The visuals underscore the intensity of the confrontation and the volatile situation on the ground.

In a dramatic turn of events in Mumbai’s Jai Bhim Nagar, Powai, a slum demolition drive by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) faced fierce resistance from local residents, leading to a violent confrontation on Wednesday. The BMC’s anti-encroachment team arrived in the area to remove unauthorized huts, but their actions quickly provoked a hostile response from the community.

As the demolition commenced, a significant number of local residents began hurling stones at the officers present. The sudden escalation of violence caught the authorities off guard, and in the ensuing chaos.

The injured officers received immediate medical attention, and additional police forces were deployed to restore order and ensure the safety of both the officials and the residents.

Further investigations are underway to identify the individuals responsible for the violence, and authorities are appealing for calm while they address the grievances of the affected residents.

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