Stray dogs attack child in northern India

Stray dogs attack child in northern India
A pack of dogs attacked an innocent child in northern India’s Punjab.
The incident took place in Bathinda’s National Colony on April 2.
The video depicts two girls goofing around on the street when a bicycle unexpectedly appears, causing the street dogs to react. One of the girls notices a dog approaching from behind and promptly flees, with the animal giving chase. This initial reaction from the dog prompts other dogs from the neighborhood to also join in pursuit of the girl. Startled by the turn of events, the friend of the girl rushes towards a nearby house.


The girl who was being chased attempted to follow her friend but stumbled and fell onto the street. Subsequently, a group of stray dogs surrounded her, but fortunately, a courageous woman from her neighborhood intervened and dispersed the pack, coming to the girl’s rescue.

This incident reignites the discussion surrounding stray dogs, particularly following observations by the Delhi High Court which highlighted that stray dogs are increasingly posing a threat. The court noted that the issue arises from individuals feeding the dogs from vans, leading them to become overly territorial and aggressive towards pedestrians. This situation underscores the growing concern over the safety risks posed by stray dogs in urban areas.
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