Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary in western India witnesses tragic incident: young adult drowns in waterfall

Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary in western India witnesses tragic incident: young adult drowns in waterfall

The Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary in western India’s Maharashtra has been closed to tourists until September 30, 2024, this decision follows a tragic incident involving a young man who jumped into a waterfall but was nearly drowned due to the heavy water flow caused by recent rains.


The incident took place near Tamhini Ghats, Pune city on June 30.

Visuals showed a young man diving into the waterfall with style but couldn’t swim in the overflowing water and almost drowned, struggling hard to keep himself afloat with the help of rocks around.


According to reports, the sanctuary, known for its scenic beauty and waterfalls, attracts numerous visitors during the monsoon season. However, the increased water flow and slippery paths have made the area dangerous. As a result, all nature trails in the Plus Valley have been closed from June 28, 2024, to June 30, 2024, to prevent accidents, according to Tushar Chavan, the Deputy Conservator of Forests (Wildlife).


One such tragic incident involved a 21-year-old student from Solapur, Rohan Viresh Loni, who drowned in a water body at Plus Valley in December 2023. Loni, who was studying in Pune, had visited the valley with friends. Misjudging the water’s depth, he drowned despite rescue attempts by his friends.


In another incident, also in December 2023, a bus carrying 57 employees from a Pune-based company overturned in Tamhini Ghat, resulting in two deaths and 55 injuries. The accident occurred during a holiday tour to Konkan, highlighting the dangers of the area’s rugged terrain during the rainy season.


The wildlife department has emphasized the importance of following safety guidelines during monsoon visits. Entry into the sanctuary without permission is strictly prohibited, and violators will face action under the Wildlife Protection Act.


Tourists are urged to cooperate with authorities and adhere to safety rules to prevent further tragedies. The closure of the sanctuary serves as a reminder of the need for caution and respect for nature’s power, especially during the monsoon season in India.

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