Tank driver crushes youth over minor dispute in northern India, viral video sparks outrage

Tank driver crushes youth over minor dispute in northern India, viral video sparks outrage

In a shocking incident, a tanker driver in northern India’s Delhi crushed a young man under his vehicle while trying to escape a mob attack. The brutal episode was captured on video and has since gone viral, raising concerns over the escalating violence in the area.


The incident took place at Ratia Marg area in Sangam Vihar in the South Delhi district on July 3.

Visuals showed a group of boys vandalizing the water tanker, breaking its windows, and attempting to pull the driver out. As the situation escalated, the driver drove over one of the attackers and fled, with onlookers and other assailants chasing after the tanker.


A harrowing video has emerged showing a tanker driver crushing a young man while attempting to flee from a violent mob attack. According to DCP Ankit Chauhan of South Delhi, the incident occurred in the bustling Ratia Marg area, where local youths were seen pelting stones at a water tanker. The driver, in a desperate bid to save himself, ran over one of the assailants before abandoning the vehicle and escaping the scene.


The incident is linked to recent heavy rainfall in Delhi, which caused significant waterlogging in areas like Sangam Vihar. On July 3, a water tanker splashed water on a group of boys, including Arif Khan alias Vishu, Shakil, and Durga, prompting them to attack the vehicle in retaliation. The driver, identified as Sapan Singh, attempted to escape but ended up running over a young man named Saddam.

Following the incident, another local TSR driver, Bablu Ahmed, questioned the group about the vandalism, only to be brutally attacked and seriously injured. Bablu was initially taken to Majeedia Hospital and later referred to Safdarjung Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.


The local police have since seized the tanker and launched an investigation into the incident. The disturbing video has drawn widespread condemnation, highlighting the urgent need for better security and conflict resolution mechanisms in the area.


Authorities are appealing for witnesses to come forward with any information that could aid in the investigation, as the community grapples with the tragic loss and the broader implications of such violent confrontations.

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