Teacher suspended for abusing students and colleague with shoe in northern India

Teacher suspended for abusing students and colleague with shoe in northern India

In a shocking incident, a government teacher in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh was suspended after she threatens a fellow teacher and students.

The incident took place at the primary school in Sikarouri, located in the Kakori block of Lucknow on July 4.

Visuals showed a teacher was seen grabbing students by their hands and dragging them to another location. When a fellow teacher arrived to protest this behavior, the teacher menacingly brandished her slipper and threatened the colleague as well.

In a disturbing event at a primary school, a government teacher, Radha Singh, was caught on video threatening students and a fellow teaching assistant with a shoe. The incident took place during a school program, where Singh, appointed as an assistant teacher, abruptly began to intimidate the students.

The situation escalated when the fellow teacher intervened, leading Singh to remove her shoe and threaten her colleague.

The video clearly shows Singh dragging students by their hands and taking them into a room, causing them visible distress. The Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) of Lucknow, in response to the video, issued an immediate suspension order against Singh and initiated an investigation.

In the official suspension order, the BSA stated that Singh’s behavior was not only inappropriate but also disruptive to the educational environment of the school. The order highlighted that such conduct tarnishes the school’s atmosphere and warranted strict action.

To ensure a thorough investigation, the BSA appointed the Block Education Officer (Headquarters) as the investigating officer, with instructions to submit a detailed report within 15 days. The swift action underscores the administration’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful educational environment for both students and staff.



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