Team India’s triumphant return: water cannon salute at airport in western India

Team India’s triumphant return: water cannon salute at airport in western India

Team India’s victorious return after their T20 World Cup win was met with immense fanfare and celebration, starting with a spectacular water cannon salute for their flight at the airport in western India’s Maharashtra.


The incident took place in Mumbai city on July 4.

Visuals showing the flight by which the players of Team India reached Mumbai was given a water cannon salute at the Mumbai airport. Through this special gesture, the airport authority expressed its respect towards the champion Indian team.


According to reports, flight UK1845 received this special honour, symbolising the nation’s pride and joy in the cricket team’s achievement.

In the aviation industry, the water salute is a ceremonial gesture meant to respect or honour inaugural flights, retirements or special celebrations.


The celebrations only intensified as the team made their way to Marine Drive for a grand victory parade. Thousands of fans, donning the team’s blue jerseys and waving the Indian flag, gathered along the iconic boulevard to welcome their heroes.

The atmosphere was electric as the cricket team paraded in open-top buses, waving to their adoring supporters. The crowd erupted in cheers, chants, and songs, expressing their overwhelming enthusiasm and admiration for the players. Captain Rohit Sharma and his teammates acknowledged the support, expressing their gratitude to the fans for their unwavering encouragement throughout the tournament.



Marine Drive was a sight to behold, adorned with vibrant decorations, banners, and flags. The celebrations included fireworks and music, creating a carnival-like atmosphere. The unity and spirit of the Indian people were on full display as fans from all walks of life came together to celebrate this historic victory.


This grand reception underscored the nation’s deep love for cricket and highlighted Mumbai’s status as the heart of Indian cricket fandom. The triumph in the T20 World Cup has reignited hopes for future victories and has left an indelible mark on the hearts of cricket enthusiasts across the country.


The victory parade and the water cannon salute at Mumbai airport exemplified the immense pride and joy felt by the entire nation, making this a momentous occasion in Indian sports history.

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