Terrifying landslides ravage northeastern India: roads blocked, rescue operations underway

Terrifying landslides ravage northeastern India: roads blocked, rescue operations underway

Heavy rainfall has triggered severe floods and landslides across various parts of northeastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh, causing extensive damage and road closures. Rescue operations are in full swing as authorities strive to provide relief to the affected areas.

The incident took place at Division 4 of Itanagar on July 1.

Visuals showed a dangerous landslide was occurring on a mountain, with soil, debris, and rocks all tumbling down. Due to the heavy rainfall at night, there was significant damage around the houses at the base of the mountain. The scene was chaotic, with mud and stones sliding down rapidly, causing a sense of panic among the residents as the relentless rain exacerbated the situation. The roar of the landslide combined with the sound of the pouring rain created a terrifying atmosphere, highlighting the destructive power of nature.

The state’s capital has been hit hard, with a sudden landslide near Division 4 leading to devastating consequences. The torrents of water from the mountains have swept away houses and vehicles, causing significant road blockages. Viral social media footage depicts the extent of the disaster. Remarkably, a female driver managed to escape when her car was buried in mud. Multiple districts, including the capital city and other hilly regions, have reported severe damage from the landslides.

Numerous roads have been blocked due to the landslides. The Pakke-Kessang region is facing closures, and the road between Pasighat and Along is also shut down. Communication between Aalo and Mechuka has been severely disrupted. The Bhalukpong-Tawang connecting road is impassable due to a massive boulder. Currently, the only route connecting West Arunachal Pradesh to Tezpur is closed, leaving many vehicles stranded.

In the districts of Namsai and Changlang, rescue teams from Assam Rifles have saved 500 people trapped by the floods. These individuals were stranded in Bijoypur, Dharampur, Mudoi, Sristipur, Hanthai Mora Beel, and Chowkham. The defense spokesperson confirmed that the rescued individuals have been provided with immediate food supplies.

Near Itanagar, a school bus driver, an assistant, and a student were miraculously rescued alive after being caught in a landslide. Additionally, the fierce floods of the Kameng River have swept away a concrete house.

The continuous landslides have caused widespread disruption and damage. Extensive damage to several houses in Itanagar has been reported, and the road leading towards Bomdila is closed. The scenes of destruction highlight the need for urgent relief and rehabilitation efforts in the region.

Authorities are working tirelessly to clear the roads and provide necessary assistance to those affected. The situation remains critical, and further updates are awaited as rescue operations continue.

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